Long Time Coming

Hello! I missed you all too much! One this lovely Tuesday morning, I got enough sleep and I want to share my excitement with you guys!!!!




Outfit details

  • Cheetah print head scarf
  • Black Calvin Klein scarf
  • White t-shirt
  • Polka dot pants
  • Black winter boots

Leave a comment in the comment box and tell me what you think! See ya later, love ya!


2015: The Year That’s Everyone’s Year

As we all prepare to say goodbye to the year 2014, we eventually reflect on everything that happened to us and others. I won’t dampen the mood of this post, but there was violence, protests, good times and babies.

This year has been a whirlwind of new ideas and epiphanies. Continue reading

Don’t Sleep on College Fashion

This past weekend, I attended a fashion show on my college campus. It featured everyday wear, business-casual outfits, professional outfits and evening wear.

It was a very exciting night! Fellow classmates of mine were featured in the fashion show and it was a great success!

Here are some photos from the show!
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Columbia College Fashion Show

Stay tuned for a post about the fashion show on my college campus!!! Maybe there’ll even be some live blogging and photos!!!

5 Tips for Busy People Like You

I have never known what it feels like being busy until I came to college!

There are those who think that college is all about getting into the most exclusive parties and hanging out with the most popular people. Quick fact, there are no popular people in college, so don’t hold your breath too long.

College teaches you many things: don’t wake up 30 minutes before class starts and expect to have enough time to think about your outfit or your busy schedule, don’t automatically assume that you have free time when you probably have something to do (homework), always double-check your planner (yes, it is a life saver) and do get involved on campus because otherwise you are just another student going to class.

As your college years slip away, you realize that you never had as much time as you thought you did. I always thought I had time, but honestly, we really don’t. You spend time in class, going to meetings, studying, and doing homework (yes studying and homework are separate tasks). After a long day of being a busy college student who probably has a job and an internship, all you really have the energy to do is do your homework like a brainless zombie and crawl into bed while unsuccessfully trying to calm your mind down as it continues to race on with thoughts of your entire life.

After saying all of this, I will also tell you five tips to seize the day without going into overload mode.

Prepare Your Coffee

One thing I have learned about myself is that a good cup of coffee can really make the day go a lot smoother. I am not saying become a coffee junkie and drink it every day! Too of much of a good thing is terrible. However, coffee can help you to keep yourself energized as you embark on yet another full day.

Always Look to Your Planner

I am a believer in having a planner to plan out your entire day. If I don’t have a daily schedule, I tend to freak out over everything. My memory is not the best so I put it in my phone, in my planner, and on a dry-erase board. Keeping a planner will allow you a peace of mind because once you write it down, you know it’s there and once you check each day, you are more confident in knowing that you are ready for this and are at the head of the game with doing what you have to do.

Imagine Yourself Having a Successful Day

This works! When you wake up (even though I know the first thing on your mind is finding the willpower to leave your comfortable bed) just imagine yourself picking out the best outfit, gathering everything you need to get through your day and doing just that! Once you have the thought of success in your mind, you just go and do it.

Don’t Stress

If you wake up and something has already gone wrong, don’t stress. Of course it’s not an easy thing to do but to make sure that you still have a great day, you have to deal and move on. Many people think that just because one bad thing happened, you ruined your entire day. NO! Clean up the mess of that mistake and move on. Once you move on, it can only get better from there!

Always Leave 15-20 Minutes Before an Event

This eliminates a lot of the rushing and risk of getting in an accident or forgetting something. When you leave early to get to your next place early, it leaves time to correct mistakes. If you get to your next place and realize that you left something you need in your car or in your room, you will probably have 10 minutes before your next meeting or class and can rush back so you are not late.

I hope these tips help you throughout your day! Stay busy but don’t stay stressed!

See ya later, love ya!